Fighting God

Two brothers witness their mother’s tragic death as children. Even though this traumatic event has destroyed the faith of one brother and strengthened the other, they go on to defy the odds by becoming successful lawyers. While living their lives and doing what they love best, their morals and character are unexpectedly tested as they take on a high-profile case that could lead to ultimate success or total devastation.”

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If you want to experience something comedic, dramatic, or faith based with a powerful message, then you have come to the right place. Our motto is “Not a performance, but an experience”. We know that the moment we hit the stage we have a short period of time to take the audience on a journey with us. A journey that will take their minds off of their current circumstances and situations no matter what they may be. We also realize that we have been blessed with a platform not only to entertain, but to also give hope and encouragement. Our goal is to promote unity and love while having fun!

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