Rory Lawrence

Born and raised in Mulberry, FL, Rory was introduced to the world of theatre in junior high school when his class went on a field trip to see “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. Shortly after this, Rory found himself joining clubs at school such as the drama and literature club. It was there where he first started writing short stories and poems. It was something that simply came natural to him. Years later he began formerly training as an actor and learning styles such as Stanislavski’s Method Acting, the Chubbuck technique, and the Eric Morris technique.

After years of training as an actor and performing in numerous shows, Rory decided to return to his original love of writing, but this time in the form of playwriting rather than poems and short stories. “Between Calls”, his first original play, is a story based on several unique characters who work together at a call center. Surprisingly, this show was very well received, making audiences laugh all over the Tampa Bay area. Since that time, Rory has written and produced several successful plays which have garnered a faithful following.

Rory’s love for theater led him to create the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival, which is an annual event headquartered at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. The mission of this festival is to unite the artists and theatre lovers within and beyond the Tampa Bay Area for a weekend of education and entertainment. Attendees experience powerful, informative workshops led by trained professionals, in addition to scene, monologue, and short play competitions, and theatrical entertainment that has left the audience with a memorable experience.


If you want to experience something comedic, dramatic, or faith based with a powerful message, then you have come to the right place. Our motto is “Not a performance, but an experience”. We know that the moment we hit the stage we have a short period of time to take the audience on a journey with us. A journey that will take their minds off of their current circumstances and situations no matter what they may be. We also realize that we have been blessed with a platform not only to entertain, but to also give hope and encouragement. Our goal is to promote unity and love while having fun!