Between Calls

You must see this original comedy written by Rory Lawrence that is leaving everyone who sees it in a laughing fit from beginning to end! The show takes place in a call center with a group of colleagues with very extreme personalities and it’s a wonder that anything ever gets done from day to day. If you think what they say on the phone is bad, wait until you hear what they say between calls.

Book Between Calls

  • General Inquiry
  • Book "The Call"
  • Book "Fighting God"
  • Book "Neighbors"
  • Book "Hour Confessions"
  • Book "I Think She's The One"
  • Book "Between Calls"

“Very original, very entertaining, and they situations were hysterical. I laughed and laughed!”

Corinne Broskette – Venue Actors Studio

“Comedic shows are the hardest shows to write, and you have accomplished it.”

Anna Brenne – Stageworks Theatre

“I’ve never been to a play before, so this was a double treat for me. Very funny show!”

BM – Call Center Employee