Hour Confessions

Get up close and personal with five guys as they share their deepest thoughts and secrets during a weekly men’s group – where no topic is off limits! Hour Confessions will have you laughing, crying, and will leave you inspired! Make it a date night or invite your friends to enjoy this honest and powerfully-written stage play!

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  • Book "The Call"
  • Book "Fighting God"
  • Book "Neighbors"
  • Book "Hour Confessions"
  • Book "I Think She's The One"
  • Book "Between Calls"

“They zing each other over being unemployed or henpecked or being a religious fanatic, and the laugh lines are plentiful. While this never billed itself as a professional production, Hour Confessions at the Straz accomplished what many professional shows do not: The audience had a good time.”

Andrew Meacham – Tampa Bay Times Theatre Critic

“We really enjoyed seeing Hour Confessions at the Straz Center. It was entertaining but also thought provoking. The cast did a great job of pulling the audience into the story. “

Tony & Lauren Dungy

“Hour Confessions is an extremely entertaining show acted by a gifted cast with superb comedic timing. Rory Lawrence’s writing weaves together hilarious moments with heartfelt warmth. I highly recommend you see it!”

Andi Matheny – Acting Coach